pip3 install esrally

brew install pbzip2




esrally [-h] [--version] {race,list,info,create-track,generate,compare,download,install,start,stop} 

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit

    race                Run a benchmark
    list                List configuration options
    info                Show info about a track
    create-track        Create a Rally track from existing data
    generate            Generate artifacts
    compare             Compare two races
    download            Downloads an artifact
    install             Installs an Elasticsearch node locally
    start               Starts an Elasticsearch node locally
    stop                Stops an Elasticsearch node locally

Find out more about Rally at https://esrally.readthedocs.io/en/2.2.0/



$ esrally list tracks
测试数据 测试数据描述 文档个数 压缩后大小 未压缩大小 Default Challenge All Challenges
geonames POIs from Geonames 11,396,503 252.9 MB 3.3 GB append-no-conflicts append-no-conflicts,append-no-conflicts-index-only,append-sorted-no-conflicts,append-fast-with-conflicts,significant-text
percolator Percolator benchmark based on AOL queries 2,000,000 121.1 kB 104.9 MB append-no-conflicts append-no-conflicts
http_logs HTTP server log data 247,249,096 1.2 GB 31.1 GB append-no-conflicts append-no-conflicts,runtime-fields,append-no-conflicts-index-only,append-sorted-no-conflicts,append-index-only-with-ingest-pipeline,update,append-no-conflicts-index-reindex-only
geoshape Shapes from PlanetOSM 60,523,283 13.4 GB 45.4 GB append-no-conflicts append-no-conflicts
metricbeat Metricbeat data 1,079,600 87.7 MB 1.2 GB append-no-conflicts append-no-conflicts
geopoint Point coordinates from PlanetOSM 60,844,404 482.1 MB 2.3 GB append-no-conflicts append-no-conflicts,append-no-conflicts-index-only,append-fast-with-conflicts
nyc_taxis Taxi rides in New York in 2015 165,346,692 4.5 GB 74.3 GB append-no-conflicts append-no-conflicts,append-no-conflicts-index-only,append-sorted-no-conflicts-index-only,update,append-ml,date-histogram
geopointshape Point coordinates from PlanetOSM indexed as geoshapes 60,844,404 470.8 MB 2.6 GB append-no-conflicts append-no-conflicts,append-no-conflicts-index-only,append-fast-with-conflicts
so Indexing benchmark using up to questions and answers from StackOverflow 36,062,278 8.9 GB 33.1 GB append-no-conflicts append-no-conflicts
eventdata This benchmark indexes HTTP access logs generated based sample logs from the elastic.co website using the generator available in https://github.com/elastic/rally-eventdata-track 20,000,000 756.0 MB 15.3 GB append-no-conflicts append-no-conflicts,transform
eql EQL benchmarks based on endgame index of SIEM demo cluster 60,782,211 4.5 GB 109.2 GB default default
nested StackOverflow Q&A stored as nested docs 11,203,029 663.3 MB 3.4 GB nested-search-challenge nested-search-challenge,index-only
noaa Global daily weather measurements from NOAA 33,659,481 949.4 MB 9.0 GB append-no-conflicts append-no-conflicts,append-no-conflicts-index-only,top_metrics,aggs
pmc Full text benchmark with academic papers from PMC 574,199 5.5 GB 21.7 GB append-no-conflicts append-no-conflicts,append-no-conflicts-index-only,append-sorted-no-conflicts,append-fast-with-conflicts


esrally create-track \
    --track=http_logs \
    --target-hosts= \
    --client-options="timeout:60,basic_auth_user:'elastic',basic_auth_password:'*****'" \
    --indices="products,companies" \
  • track.json contains the actual Rally track. For details see the track reference.
  • companies.json and products.json contain the mapping and settings for the extracted indices.
  • *-documents.json(.bz2) contains the sources of all the documents from the extracted indices. The files suffixed with -1k contain a smaller version of the document corpus to support test mode.



pip3 install esrally


esrally create-track \
    --track=http_logs \
    --target-hosts= \
    --client-options="timeout:60,basic_auth_user:'elastic',basic_auth_password:'*****" \
    --indices="products,companies" \
  • 3、

esrally race --distribution-version=6.0.0 --track=geopoint --challenge=append-fast-with-conflicts


esrally list tracks
esrally list races

esrally create-track \
    --track=http_logs \
    --target-hosts= \
    --client-options="timeout:60,basic_auth_user:'elastic',basic_auth_password:'*****'" \
    --indices="products,companies" \

esrally race \
--target-hosts= \
--client-options="timeout:60,basic_auth_user:'elastic',basic_auth_password:'*****'" \
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